jeudi 20 mars 2014

Knowing Yourself Well Leads to Greater Success

The end of high school and the transition to post-secondary education represent a significant turning point in the lives of young adults. Choosing the right and appropriate college or university program is the first hurdle towards a well-paying and interesting job. In today's world, post-secondary education is the key to success.

Unfortunately, too many young people choose their post-secondary program without really taking the time to seriously think about it. A haphazard choice is the main cause for dropping out of a college or university program. Dropping out has numerous negative impacts: loss of self-esteem; fear of making another mistake; limiting oneself to small jobs that do not pay well; difficulties in motivating oneself to go back to school.

How many young people manage to know themselves well enough to choose an appropriate post-secondary education program? Very few: in fact, according to certain studies, not even 30 % of those who are finishing high school. This means that up to 70 % of young adults make a more or less realistic choice.

In order to make the right choice and to give yourself every opportunity for success, you must know yourself well. This means that you must know what you like (career interests), what is important to you (work values), as well as your strengths (abilities).

Developing a good knowledge of oneself in order to make a career choice is not as simple as it seems. The assistance of an education/career orientation professional is often required. However, due to budgetary constraints, high schools are less and less able to provide the personalized services of an orientation counsellor.

Y2 Consulting Psychologists have developed an academic/career orientation program for young people who are finishing high school. The program is designed to help students make a realistic choice concerning their post-secondary education. Everything is done in order that at the end of the program, students are able to choose the studies program that truly corresponds to their interests and their abilities.

André Samson Ph.D.
Career Counselling
Y2 Consulting Psychologists

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