vendredi 4 octobre 2013

"TALK IS CHEAP"? Does the same go for psychotherapy?

It's not uncommon to hear people say that "talk is cheap".

At Y2CP, we believe — on the contrary — that "dialogue is RICH".

By consulting our team of psychologists and mental health professionals, you will benefit from:

R — rewarding, two-way conversations with trained professionals.

Our conversational, yet targeted, approach to psychotherapy is focussed on helping our clients better understand themselves, identify effective methods to best tackle their life/work challenges, and eliminate/diminish negative emotions/behaviours. Our psychologists and psychotherapists rely mostly on short-term cognitive-behavioural therapeutic principles and strive to get the best results in the shortest time possible (i.e. often between 5 and 10 sessions).

We know that two-way conversations can be tough but they are often rewarding in our lives. And we believe comprehension of a client's dynamics enables us to give sound, beneficial and learned advice.

We are experts in understanding and learning from what others say. We communicate openly, honestly and directly. And we develop trust by displaying both integrity and credibility in our actions and assignments.

I — interest in your issues and immediate attention to them by the right team of psychologists.

Our qualified and caring clinical psychologists are at your service, and are focused on targeted results. Our approach to issues is both effective and efficient.

At Y2CP, we are here to respond to client's needs — no matter the issue — personal and organizational. Through our client-centred approach we build and maintain client satisfaction with the advice, products and services we offer and that our clients need.

We explore options, create solutions, provide updates, seek feedback, and ensure needs are fully met.

Great client service is our passion and our goal.

C — comprehensive psychological assessments, clear intervention plans, and concrete and measurable results — all focused on improved general functioning and well-being.

Our psychological assessments and intervention plans are based on cutting-edge techniques and tools to ascertain general or specific facts about individuals that will help them — now and in the future. Indeed, we are focused on, and obsessed by, individual well-being.

Our diverse team psychologists and neuropsychologists offer psychological, memory and neuropsychological assessments. Y2CP has also become a leader in the provision of psychological treatments and counselling aimed at improving the psychological well-being of its clients. And our team of clinical sexologists and psychotherapists are ready to help you (and your partner) assess and treat your sexological problems.

When developing thoughtful treatment plans, we have access to a full range of psychometric tests and are experts in assessing various aspects of human behaviour using them.

Indeed, we find simpler, faster and less-costly ways to accomplish your tasks and achieve your objectives. We use the latest technologies to facilitate services such as videoconferencing. And we have a wealth of online resources (e.g. blogs and newsletters).

H — health, hope and happiness — at Y2CP we work with you on all three.

We believe that being healthy is about more than just feeling good. It's about living well, feeling well, and helping others to be well. And that's what we do; we help our clients feel well. Indeed, we are obsessed by our clients' mental health and well-being.

We also help our clients gain hope and motivation in all aspects of their life. People want to feel hopeful. They want to feel in control and able to shape their futures.

At Y2CP we know that happiness means different things to different people but we show our clients how to enjoy and appreciate life, to think positively, to build enriching relationships and, simply, to enjoy the moment — every moment possible.

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Yannick Mailloux, Ph.D.
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